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In-Person or Online Telehealth Services

Sat on the Rocks

Are you wanting to explore challenges you are facing that seem overwhelming? Do you recognize the inability to cope with situations or emotions that are coming up in your daily life? I have worked with many individuals to examine past & present dynamics that contribute to how they process and manage life challenges. Together we can build an understanding around what has not been working and what is helpful, setting goals and developing skills to create a better awareness and insight of how relationships, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions contribute to mental health and effective coping skills.

Sunset Romance

Relationship dynamics bring a unique set of challenges and scope of understanding. Combining two lives to create one unit is a process that can be difficult to understand and it is helpful to have assistance with navigating these situations. We will work together to uncover what works, and what is not helpful, within the relationship. Accessing effective communication and emotional connections we can begin to reconnect the couple dynamic to unified goals and understanding.

Family Hiking

Are there changes occurring in the family system? Does communication and problem solving seem to overwhelm the family unit? We can work together to rebuild heathy bonds, learn more about each person's role and dynamic that contributes to the family system, and strive to find healthy and useful ways to communicate and relate to one another in each unique family system. 

This is a services that is not currently offered but will be coming soon to this practice.

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